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D&D Campaign: August 1st 4E 494

Nomad News Civil War in Malaria Earlier last month, we witnessed the death of Watalonga, King of Malaria. A vicious succession war broke out between his sons, Ulang Ban and … Continue reading

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D&D Campaign: July 1st 4E 494

Nomad News – Conflict in Kylamdra A massive force of Nevnu Nomads sent from Shanak’Khaz have recently arrived in Kylamdra, claiming to have stopped off before moving on. The force … Continue reading

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D&D Campaign: June 1st 4E 494

Nomad News – Amyni Tribe Massacred Earlier in May, following the military expansion of Becket’s forces around Dum’Khaz, a massive army of Mercenaries and Shuul Mai Orcs assaulted the Amyni … Continue reading

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D&D Campaign: May 1st 4E 494

The Nomad News – Armies of the Dead In April, massive Nevnu armies, led by Emperor Morgh Khaz, assaulted the Mandu nomads. The ensuing battle saw a great victory for … Continue reading

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D&D Campaign

As our protagonists enter the political stage, it seems only fitting to hold a campaign style D&D addon. Each player, once they have submitted a personality and backstory, will have … Continue reading

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