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Space Truckers: The Saga Begins?

Hey Guys,

I am willing to run a homemade sci-fi roleplay tabletop game called Space Truckers (named after the Deep Purple song, of course, not the awful 1996 movie). Set in the not-so-distant future, you will be a small part of the multi-trillion credit industry of space trucking: transporting resources of all varieties across the milky way.

I have yet to decide whether the game will be completely, partially or not-at-all online.

If you are willing to take part in this, tell me, and if enough people are willing, I’ll run the game.

I’d also like you to, if you’re interested, post on this site a custom alien species for use in the game. If your species is accepted, you’ll find that species in the list of available races when the time comes for you to create a character. Originality and creativity is appreciated, but nothing too stupid…

If you are interested in creating an alien species, please include the description of the species’ culture, homeworld, appearance, etc.

May the generic sci-fi magic substitute be with you

Todd the Plod


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10 comments on “Space Truckers: The Saga Begins?

  1. Dorian Love
    March 10, 2015

    The “Muties” are human mutants who evolved into what some consider a different branch of homo sapiens after the Pebble Island nuclear meltdown of 2016 had wreaked its terrible evolutionary wonders. By social choice most Muties tend to congregate off world, where their unique physiognomies do not occasion as many stares as they do on Earth.

    Arnold Parker became the first Mutie Federation President in 2068 after a bitter political campaign which accelerated the move off world two years after his assassination at the hands of the Klu Klux Klan unleashed a wave of violence targetting Muties. Mars Base 3 was declared a Mutie free haven, and boasts the largest concentration of Mutie settlement.

    While some Muties are obvious mutations, the extra limbs being a bit of a giveaway, some are not obvious Muties at all, and can pass for normal. Some Muties developed extrasensory powers, while others have no special powers at all. Over time two beneficial mutations have evolved, greater numbers of ganglions in the brain, leading to greater memory and intelligence, and immunity to certain poisons and toxins. Most other mutations lead to greater susceptibility to disease and a shorter average life span.

    Mutie familes are generally more close-knit and their society more private, in itself leading to suspicion and resentment.

    • Todd the Plod
      March 10, 2015

      Awesome! We’ll certainly see muties in space truckers

    • jaybatzofin
      March 11, 2015

      Nice job Dorian!

  2. Todd the Plod
    March 11, 2015

    The Florians are a race of sentient plants from the planet Triun in the Feres system.

    Following an age of devastating herbivorous megafauna, many plants on Triun evolved the ability of limited mind-control through the use of pheremones. Rather than true mind control, Triun’s flora instead implants suggestions into the mind of the subject.

    While most plants on Triun with this ability used it to discourage herbivores from eating plants, the Florians’ evolutionary ancestors used it to ‘charm’ carnivores into zealously protecting them. This symbiotic relationship exists today, where Triun’s Florians often keep fiercly loyal pets. However, because the ability can only affect a limited number of targets, most off-world Florians reserve this ability for the coercion of other lifeforms in the galaxy.

    Though the Florians’ ability can be counteracted by certain substances, Florians are nevertheless excellent diplomats and charismatic individuals; their culture having placed great influence on persuasion over violence. Florians are considered attractive by many galactic races and many can be found across the galaxy as dancers or ‘companions’.

    Their skill as diplomats and leaders has put them at the head of the Galactic Union for centuries.

    Florians resemble humans in form, but have many botanical features such as wooden bones, leafy/grassy hair and fibrous flesh. A milky sap runs through their veins, but it does not act as blood, since their respiration works like the plants of Earth. Florians do not require food, but sunlight for photosynthesis.

  3. Jason
    March 14, 2015

    The Xenozorg

    This is an alien species that inhabits 4 solar systems in the region of Qorguan. The region consists of 4 main solar systems and 1 giant sun, Uwertion. Each of the 4 solar systems specializes in a certain form of art. They have colonised other planets and solar systems throughout the galaxies but only this region do they call home.

    The average Xenozorg is an average sized humanoid creature with the ability to shape shift into any other species that it has seen before as long as the size is more or less the same, however, because of this natural ability the Xenozorg suffer from weak bones. The Xenozorgs are physically fit but easily hurt.
    Here are the 4 main solar systems of the Xenozorg.

    Jaragathon: This is the first solar system and home to all Xenozorgs. It is ritual to when you reach your coming of age and can shape shift, you make a pilgrimage to the home solar system. Once you arrive at the home solar system (Jaragathon) you decide which art form you wish to master and get relocated to the solar system of your art. Jaragathon specialises in the art of the mind. The schools here teach you to use the mind as your weapon. Xenozorgs who have studied and pasted their exams here are better than most at diplomacy, cunning, strategizing.

    Stanheliun: This was the second solar system to be claimed by the Xenozorgs. It specialises in the art of war. Xenozorgs who come here learn how to fight and undergo a serious body enhancing treatment which makes them stronger but at the cost of part of their shape shifting ability. These Xenozorgs can no longer shape shift into beings with little or no muscle. Those who have studied here and passed their exams are better than most at Melee combat, shooting, war planning.

    Frarenzil: This was the third system to be claimed by the Xenozorgs. This system specialises in creating pilots, both fighter and transport pilots. Xenozorgs come to this system to learn how to fly many different space ships. Those who have studied here and passed their exams are better than most at flying any form of space ship/aircraft, navigation, using gravitational pulls of other planets and using electro-lightning found in space to conceal their space ship from radars and normal sight.

    Opalizim: This was the last system to be colonised by the Xenozorg. This is a system for those Xenozorgs who have passed their exams with distinction and have spread the name of Xenozorg over the galaxies. Xenozorgs who wish to enter this almighty system must have zoned in on their skills. They must have shown courage, honour and valour in their journeys and overall, Xenozorgs who wish to enter here must have shown true Xenozorgianiss. What true Xenozorgianiss is, can only be discovered by fear, loss, love and hope.

    A Xenozorg will know when he has achieved true Xenozorgianiss. These Xenozorgs are trained in one other art form that only a Xenozorg has ever discovered and is a very closely guarded secret. The Art of Seeing. To not just look with the eyes and see what is before them but look past the obvious, to feel the way the world works, to see everything. Those Xenozorgs who have been selected for this prestigious honour can see through lies and untruths. They can see what another person (any species) is really feeling. They cannot be tricked by words or illusions of the eye, ear, nose, tongue or finger. These are the elite of the Xenozorgs. These are the leaders of galaxies, these are the bravest of the brave. These are the people you want to lead you into battle, for these are the Xenolitorgians.

    A Xenozorg looks very much like a human except in natural form it is a dark green which blends into the environment of the 4 home systems (green forest with lush green sky and purple lakes running through the planets). They, like humans, have one head, two arms with a hand on each arm and five fingers on each hand. They have two legs and a torso. But the Xenozorgs are much leaner than the human. Due to the constant evolution of their shape shifting ability Xenozorgs tend to walk slightly hunched so that it is easier to turn into a creature that moves on all fours or is smaller than a Xenozorg.

    Xenozorgs are a species that is always expanding and learning the ways of other species. They capitalize on their trade industry and only use their warriors of Stanheliun is a Xenozorg planet is in danger. All Xenozorgs who have passed an exam in one of the three systems can be called back at any time to defend a Xenozorg planet. The region Qorguan is rich in minerals and metals that are commonly used in the creation of ships but everything else is imported from other Xenozorg planets that have been colonised by individuals in the name of Xenozorg. Qorguan is a very rich region. Xenozorgs are very smart with their money and thus the people as a whole are a very rich society and species. Xenozorgs have been known to buy and conquer planets depending on the terms offered by the current planet holder.

    Xenozorgs do not believe in any god as they are far too smart. They rather work as a very socialistic society and help each other whenever they can. Xenozorgs live in “Xenopods”. Xenopods are small capsules in which a Xenozorg will go into at the end of the day. The capsules will clean, feed and rest a Xenozorg for the following day. These are very compact and help keep the Xenozorgian planets free from too many structures and buildings.

    And now we meet our hero.

    The Xenozorg Jarolanquazione (J for short). He has recently passed his exam at the solar system Frarenzil. He prides himself on being the best pilot in all the galaxies even if he has never left the solar system. He passed his exams with flying colours and wishes to make a name of himself and come back to become a Xenolitorgian. He is motivated by the aspect of becoming a leader and one day owning his own planet. He has naturally strong leadership abilities but struggles to accept other people’s ideas. He is a fighter pilot. The very best that graduated from Frarenzil this semester. His current goal is to find a trustworthy friend to become his co-pilot. He isn’t a very strong fighter unless he’s in his spaceship which he has named; “The Flaming Zorg”. His favourite pastime is to turn into a female Xenozorg and play tricks on his mates. He is mostly a jokester and prankster but when things get serious he acts accordingly and does surprisingly well under pressure. He has no plans of settling down in the near future and is really looking forward to exploring the galaxies and creating a name for himself. He has high prospects and a solid starting, with funding from his family to afford his spaceship and the kit required.


    • Todd the Plod
      March 14, 2015


  4. Jason
    March 14, 2015

    Happy reading xD

  5. rivergreeen24
    March 16, 2015

    The Lwargi are a race of sentient silicon based life forms that were discovered on one of the moons of Septus 12. On the moon there are large energy storms that ,some scientists believe, gave life to the Lwargi. The Lwargi’s physiology is really simple, rocks held together by energy. Their brains are made out of crystal, energy flows through the crystal path ways like they do in a human brain. A Lwarg starts off as a bunch of pebbles held together by a very small amount of energy and as it gets older the energy grows and more and more rocks are attracted and attach themselves to the Lwarg. You can tell how old a Lwarg is by how big it is, and some on the home planet are the size of mountains (this takes hundreds of thousands of years to get that size)

    Since the Lwargi are literally walking boulders they are extremely tough. They are resistant to all forms of radiation poisoning, have no disease, and can not bleed to death. The only way to kill one is to blow of chunks of it until the energy of the Lwarg is too great for the amount of rocks making up it’s body, then it releases this energy and explodes. Due to their toughness they are used throughout the galaxy as hired muscle and body guards.

    The only drawback of these walking rocks is that they also have the intelligence of a rock. They have learned to communicate and understand other species but things such as advanced mathematics and psychology are lost to them.

    An example of this is when the wealthy businessman Carl Phillips (he deals in making large transport ships) said to his new Lwargi body guard (Krac) “This city is a very dangerous place, filled with sly and shifty people all looking to kill and rob me, you must protect me from them.” Krac then left Phillips’s hotel room and proceeded to go on a 5 day rampage where he managed to brutally murder 58 known criminals, 32 unknown criminals, 15 people who weren’t criminals but looked sly and shifty enough to have been.

    They are extremely gullible but not many people try to trick them as if a Lwarg finds out you are lying to him, you won’t be lying to people much longer.

    The Lwargi have no families but will trust one another as if they were brothers. Although they might be giants they are extremely kind and gentle to all (except those that have become their enemies)

    • Todd the Plod
      March 17, 2015


  6. Jordan Lourens
    March 27, 2015

    The elamantals are one of the few races who’s name has changed half way through existance. There original name was the manatls. The elamantals are a race of small flying creatures that are about the size of cats. This has caused them to be weak but made them develop there greatest ability in order to survive theses billions of years, there mental abilities.

    The elamantals are one of the greatest leaners in the galaxy. They are able to copy nearly any ability by just seeing it done once. One of the greatest achievements of this species is that they have learnt how to control elements. Nearly all elamantals can control a single element and will almost always use this skill to disable or disarm an enemy rather than attacking them directly but they can do damage with there element if they need to.

    The elamantals live on the planet of marspiter. Marspiter is a very super mega rare planet because it is in the shape of a donut. The elamantals have made there planet in perfect elemental neutrality. This means there are no natural disasters, no floods, no droughts, no earth quakes ect.

    Because of there connection to the elements, the elamantals have almost no technology but they do fully understand all other technology because of there ability to learn. There lack of technology has not impeded them from space travel because they have learned how to create very basic space travel with a crew of 4 people with each controlling an element.

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