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The MSSA Inter-School League

cs goSt John’s has entered two CS GO teams, a DotA team and a Starcraft player in the league this year. This is fewer teams than last year, but our premier DotA team has decided to play in the DGL instead, and with increased Friday commitments on the Gentlemen’s DotA Society, and the Maretlwane camp, we cannot really field more teams reliably.

This is a pity, but the club is confident it will still be able to launch a realistic defence of its 2014 title. The teams are as follows:


Stephen Hunt



  • Jason Batzofin (capt)
  • Thomas Venter
  • Duncan Smale
  • Jonathan Wright
  • Jonah Rice

B Team

  • Jesse Elk (capt)
  • Robert van Barkenhuizen
  • Tom Simms
  • Bastiaan van Wamelen
  • Max Lindsay
  • Ryan Leong
  • Alexander van Hemert
  • Yaseen Ahmid
  • Justin Koevet
  • David Nolan
  • Gabriel Tidy
  • Thomas Theron


The Gentlemen’s DotA Society

  • Jordan Lourens
  • Joshua Harrison
  • Tamlin Love
  • Merlin Love
  • Jesse Stevens
  • Daniel Stevens
  • Ryan Leong
  • Afrika Ndlovu
  • Katlego Ramasedi

About Dorian Love

I teach ICT and English at Roedean School (SA). I am passionate about educational technology and critical thinking.

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