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One small step for [Insert Race Here]…

And so, after many days of anticipation, I am happy to announce that Space Truckers is beginning!

What now? We begin, of course, with character creation. Firstly, you must pick a race and a class. Race You may choose from the following races:

  • Bandu
  • Canen
  • Florian
  • Human
  • Ikk’tar
  • Krikta
  • Lwarg
  • Mutant
  • Naxarl
  • Xenozorg

You may also choose to play as a cyborg human or an AI robot. Information on the above races may be found on our brand new Space Trucker’s Encyclopedia. Class You may pick from 6 combat classes, which are as follows:

  • Agent
  • Engineer
  • Paladin
  • Psion
  • Soldier
  • Specialist

Those looking to play as medics, mechanics, etc. will find that the specialist class encompasses those fields. As with races, class information may be found on the Space Trucker’s Encyclopedia. Character Information Let us know, in the comments, who your character is. Some useful fields include:

  • Name* (try and pick something race-appropriate)
  • Race* (as above)
  • Class* (as above)
  • Alignment* (Law vs Chaos, Good vs Evil)
  • Age (just state young, old, etc. if you are unsure of race’s lifespan and maturity age)
  • Background (parents? family? love interests? childhood? religion? etc.)
  • Motivations
  • Personality (introvert, extrovert? emotional? likes and dislikes? etc.)
  • Appearance (defining features? scars? cybernetic implants? mutations?)

You can be as in-depth or as shallow as you like. This is your character after all. Those marked with asterisks (*) are not optional, however. Remember, you don’t have to decide every nuance of your character now. Most characters grow as the game progresses. Feel free to make up any elements of the game universe you need to flesh out your character. Feel free also to check the Space trucker’s Encyclopedia for background information. Please submit your characters in the comment section below. Have fun!

So far, our cast is as follows:

  • Klom, a Lwarg soldier with an extraordinary lack of intelligence. Great with guns and smashing.
  • Jarolanquazione (J for short), a Xenozorg agent skilled in piloting. He considers himself the best pilot in all the galaxy, despite never having left Xenozorg space.
  • Jukuren Shita, an Ikk’tar specialist with a penchant for learning. Notoriously sickly.
  • Lord Pendeltron, a defective butler mech who recently achieved sapience. A synthetic struggling to comprehend the meaning of life in an organic-dominated world, he nevertheless remains a gentleman.
  • Rotshar, a Kriktan specialist.
  • Steda Habar, an Ikk’tar engineer with a knack for mechs and a high propensity towards psychopathic violence.

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4 comments on “One small step for [Insert Race Here]…

  1. Jason
    April 3, 2015

    Here is the greatest being in all the galaxies:

    • Name: Jarolanquazione (J for short)

    • Race: Xenozorg

    • Class: Agent

    • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Xenozorg (will do anything to help fellow Xenozorgs)

    • Age: Young

    • Background:

    Jarolanquazione has recently passed his exam at the solar system Frarenzil. He prides himself on being the best pilot in all the galaxies even if he has never left the solar system. He passed his exams with flying colours and wishes to make a name of himself. He is motivated by the aspect of becoming a leader and one day owning his own planet. He has naturally strong leadership abilities but struggles to accept other people’s ideas. He is an ‘Agent’. The very best that graduated from Frarenzil this semester. His favourite pastime is to turn into a female Xenozorg and play tricks on his mates. He is mostly a jokester and prankster but when things get serious he acts accordingly and does surprisingly well under pressure. He has no plans of settling down in the near future and is really looking forward to exploring the galaxies and creating a name for himself. He has high prospects and a solid starting, with funding from his family.

    • Motives:

    To be known as the best pilot in all the know galaxies. He wants to be feared by those who oppose him and loved by other Xenozorgs. He wishes to one day own a planet of his own but not anytime soon. He seeks adventure and excitement. He follows a simple code of courage, honour, valour and Xenozorgianiss. He will do all in his power to stick to this life code.

    • Personality:

    As well as everything else mentioned, he is a hard worker. He strives for the best and will settle for nothing less. He is very outgoing and enjoys meeting new people and boasting his achievements. He always shows a strong presence and remains tough even in the worst of situations.

    • Appearance:

    Well, that depends…

    • Todd the Plod
      April 3, 2015

      Nice Jason! It’s good to have a pilot.

  2. Ryan
    April 11, 2015

    Name- Klom

    Race – Lwarg

    Class – Soldier

    Alignment – Chaotic Good

    Age – Young

    Background –
    Klom, like many Lwargi, is soldier sold by the Dark Star Mercenary Corporation.Unfortunately Klom is is among the lowest of Lwargi in terms of mental capacity which has gotten him fired in a number of occasions. This is shown in many of his previous contracts where Klom was either found wandering around, chasing after small wild life instead of manning his post or committing friendly-fire moments before reaching combat zones.

    Motives –
    Klom doesn’t have any motive beside being useful to those who need help however he often worsens the situation rather than help it.

    Personality –
    Klom is very childlike and naive and therefore very gullible(because Lwargi totally aren’t gullible ). He is easily distracted, especially when cute and fluffy wild life are concerned. He doesn’t grasp any concept of danger either due to his childishness and naivete.

    Appearance – He’s a rock with arms, legs and a face. A big rock at that(6m tall, 2m wide):

  3. Jordan Lourens
    April 12, 2015

    Name: Jukuren shita
    Race: Ikk`tar
    Class: Specialist
    Alignment: neutral good
    Age: 32 years
    Background: When Jukeren was younger, he found that he was a very fast leaner, even compared to the rest of his friends. He was able to learn things almost as fast as they were taught to him.
    Jukuren was noticed by scouts who wished to test his ability to learn. They took him to earth but on the way, Jukuren became deathly ill. They had to return to the Kader System as soon as possible. Jukuren then spent the next year in intensive care, and another 2 after under medical observation. During those 2 years, he decided to try learn even more. He made his own basic breather and a heating system built into his jacket. His illness still affects him to this day but he refuses to show it. After this, he decided to travel the universe to learn as much as he could
    Motivations: He is motivated to learn as much as he can.
    Personality: Jukuren likes to go with the flow, and will try to help were he can. In confrontations, he would rather try to use diplomacy rather than fight.
    Appearance: Jukuren is comparable to a human in size. He has green scales with a red tinge on his body. Near Jukurens head and down parts of his back, his scales are pitch black. This is due to when he was sick as a child. He is almost always wearing his special trench coat over whatever he is wearing.

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