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D&D Campaign: July 1st 495

Nomad News Massacre at M’Tolok On the 26th of June the skies were a blood red. Jhalli liches had spent yet another day spawni ng hellish creatures from the outer … Continue reading

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D&D Campaign: June 1st 495

The Seige of Nato’Erech The month of April saw the combined forces of the Pirate Council attack and claim the Jhalli port city of Nato’Erech from the Desert Alliance. Sharkblade … Continue reading

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D&D Campaign: May 1st 495

The Fires Extinguished Morgh Khaz, Emperor of the Jhalli Confederacy, finally decided to open up negotiation with the pirate fleet surrounding Modek’Kai. Accompanied by a substantial number of undead, Jhalli … Continue reading

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D&D Campaign: April 1st 495

Modek’Kai: The Battle to Come Zasprov’s capture of Modek’Kai was one of the biggest stories of last month and the story promises to get bigger and bigger. Zasprov made a … Continue reading

July 14, 2014 · 1 Comment

D&D Campaign: March 1st 495

Nomad News  Qadesh’Kai falls to Morgh Khaz At the beginning of last month, Qadesh’Kai was the last free city of the desert; enjoying the privileges of a High Council membership … Continue reading

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D&D Campaign: February 1st 495

Nomad News Nato’Erech Hurled into the Flames of War Once More Since the day Al’Ash was burned to the ground and resurrected as Nato’Erech, there has always been trouble and … Continue reading

June 15, 2014 · 2 Comments

D&D Campaign: January 1st 495

The Council of the Free Peoples Morgh Khaz has officially formed the Council of the Free Peoples, a regional council in which nations will participate to “work together for the … Continue reading

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D&D Campaign: December 1st 494

Nomad News The Three Kingdoms The Empire of Jhal’Khaz, a massive and overpowering empire that once spanned almost the entire Eastern Tethyrian region, has now officially split into three kingdoms, … Continue reading

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D&D Campaign: November 1st 494

Nomad News The Battle of Saelas Misana A few days ago, one lazy Sunday afternoon, an order rang out through Saelas Misana which would shake the economy of the Druidic … Continue reading

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D&D Campaign: October 1st 4E 494

Nomad News – Kia’Salla Games over! Alas, after a month of sporting fun, the games have ended. You can view the special report here. Agents of Fear As you may … Continue reading

April 11, 2014 · 2 Comments

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