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Dungeons & Dragons

DnD LogoWelcome to the latest installment of my Dungeons and Dragons adventure. This adventure currently features 5 players, each with a completely different character. I encourage any players to post their own introduction to their character, but I will write a short one here.

Matthew Davies – Lyrian Lovac

Karrin Lovac, cousin of Lyrian Lovac

Lyrian Lovac, cousin of the mage Karrin Lovac, is a Sudbayan mage. She is under the employment of the High Council and was sent as one of six ambassadors representing the High Council to the summons on XilZun Hill, a meeting organised by the High Council in an attempt to convince local Nomadic, Centaur and Orcish tribes to join in the war effort against Kativa.

Merlin Love – Myra

Myra, many thousands of years ago, was the dryad

A Dryad, one of the guardians of the Grand Trees of the ancient forests. Myra is a dryad

guardian of the Grand Tree in the forest of Malo (now Shash Malos) in what was then Areheim (now Kelgrimen). During the Battle of the Forest in the 1st Kativan War, the Grand Tree of Malo was destroyed. Somehow Myra survived the attack, but, after the destruction of her tree, petrified into wood and remained lifeless for thousands of years.

Awaking in a tomb (having been used as an ornament for a Nomadic King’s palace), Myra was drawn to a strange source of magykal energy. She was finally drawn to XilZun Hill, where the High Council has convened a meeting in order to convince the local tribes to join the war effort against Kativa.

Jesse Stevens – Lord Morgh Khaz, former King of the Empire of Jhal’Khaz

A group of liches, not unlike Lord Morgh Khaz

Once, many thousands of years ago, before the arrival of Kativa, there existed an empire of barbarians known as the Jhalli. Their empire stretched from Central Areheim to the northern corners of the Plainlands. Late in his reign, King Morgh Khaz, conduit of the God Khaz’El and sole ruler of Jhal’Khaz, sought to extend his life by performing a ritual which transformed him into a lich. Horrified by his actions, his shamans deposed him and, unable to kill him, locked him deep in a tomb somewhere in the empire.

Recently, a group of bounty hunters discovered the tomb and, upon finding the lich, became sworn servants of him. For some reason, perhaps a search of power or purpose, Lord Morgh Khaz arrived at the High Council summons on XilZun.

Daniel Stevens – Cobalt Crimsonhoof

A picture of a centaur warrior, not unlike Cobalt Crimsonhoof

Cobalt Crimsonhoof, of the Steelmane centaur clan, was inducted into the royal guard of King Grom Steelmane at an early age. During the war between the Steelmane clan and the Mei tribe of the Nomads, he fought alongside the king. And during the final battle, he watched helplessly as his king’s head flew off his shoulders. Following the defeat at Iel Kan river, the Steelmane clan collapsed, many centaurs joining other clans or going rogue.

Now a shadow of its former self, the Steelmane clan, led by the young boy Yun Steelmane, struggles to survive, often joining up with brigands and outlaws. Having heard word of the High Council summons on XilZun, Cobalt, along with some elven brigands and some other centaur guardsmen, was sent to attend and represent the dwindling clan.

Gregory Thompson – Becket

Becket, an elven mercenary from the High Elven lands, was hired to accompany

A landscape similar to the Nomadic plains

and protect a High Council party, sent to the hill of XilZun to hold a summons in order to hopefully form an alliance between the Nomads, Centaurs and Orcs of the region to fight against Kativa.

– – – – –

In order to reference lore in the game, I am going to revive the Realm of Magyk Wiki.


– – – – –

If you would like to join the game, please fill in the form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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