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Chapter 1: Attack on XilZun Hill

A rough map of XilZun Hill as it appeared during the High Council Summons of 4E 493-494

A rough map of XilZun Hill as it appeared during the High Council Summons of 4E 493-494

Our protagonists all attended the High Council summons on XilZun hill, all for their own reasons. However, the meeting was not a success. It soon degenerated into insults and arguments and, before long, all hell broke loose.

One of the Nomadic Kings, King Amban of the Tepal tribe turned out to be a demon in disguise and, using his demonic magyk and commaning a horde of Tepali, Mandu and Amyni nomads, utterly wrecked Castle Pax. A blast trapped the protagonists, High Ambassador Thaelorn and King Jambarr of the Qad. Fortunately, the group managed to make their way down from the burning castle and rallied the three centaur clans; The Steelmane Clan, the Bloodhoof Clan and the Warsword Clan.

Sending the Bloodhoof warriors and High Ambassador Thaelorn to defend the High Council village and the Warsword warriors to retake Castle Pax, the party made their way to the Surt Tribe, led by Queen Khany. After convincing her to go and rally support from the Mei and Kuzhe tribes, the party continued with their 200 Steelmane centaurs to the southern peak, where the Shuul Mai Orcs and the Bir, Banay and Qad tribes had camped. Succesfully defeating some Tepali nomads, the party rallied the tribes on the southern peak.

So far so good, but now the party faces some problems. The Bloodhoof clan succesfully defended the High Council village and helped rally another 1500 High Council and Guut warriors, but the Warsword clan’s attempt to take Castle Pax ended in complete failure, with half of the warriors killed by the Demonic General himself. On top of that, the Mei and Kuzhe tribes turned out to be Kativa supporters and ended up fighting alongside the Tepal, Mandu and Amyni tribes against Queen Khany and her tiny force of Surt nomads.

What will the party do? Will they storm Castle Pax or will they strike at the heart of the enemy camp? And what about Queen Khany? Will they leave her to die or will they defend her at the risk of losing more troops to the Mei and Kuzhe?


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