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Chapter 2: Assault on Castle Pax

For information on the previous session, see Recap

A rough map of XilZun Hill as it appeared during the High Council Summons of 4E 493-494

A rough map of XilZun Hill as it appeared during the High Council Summons of 4E 493-494

After a long, heated argument, our protagonists decided to rescue Queen Khany and her Surt tribe, while sending a runner to the High Council village, to rally troops to clear out the Tepal, Amyni and Mandu camps.

The plan was a success, the Mei and Khuze tribes were defeated, the Surt tribe (Mostly thanks to Lyrian Lovac and her moody cat)  was saved and the stragglers within the Tepal, Amyni and Mandu camps were finished off. The Stage was set for the final battle: The Assault on Castle Pax.

As the massive force of nomads, orcs and centaurs, a.k.a. “The Good Guys”, clashed with the Tepali, Mandu and Amyni nomads combined with a force of newly summoned demons, a.k.a. “The Bad Guys”, our Protagonists rushed into the Castle. While Lyrian and Myra held the gate, Becket, Cobalt and Lord Morgh Khaz battled the demon general, King Amban, and his retinue. The general’s forces were quickly dealt with, many of them fleeing from Lord Morgh Khaz; those brave (or stupid) enough to stay and be killed were transformed by the Lich Priest into zombies. All that was left was the Demon General. The final battle was long and hard, but Becket finally ended the general with a swift blow from his Lightning Longsword (a.k.a. “The Tesla blade”).

The battle is over, but the adventure has only begun. What will our protagonists do now? Can the High Council ever hope to unite the tribes against Kativa? Can our protagonists hope to compete against the never-ending might of Kativa? What will Morgh do with all his new zombies? Find out next week.


Best Thinker – Lyrian Lovac (Matthew Davies)

Damage Dealer – Becket (Gregory Thompson)

Masochist – Becket (Gregory Thompson)

Most Awesome – Morgh Khaz (Jesse Stevens)

Most Deaths – NA

Most Fragile – Morgh Khaz (Jesse Stevens)


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