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Chapter 3: Shanak’Khaz

For information on the previous session, see Recap.

The battle is over, but the adventure has only just begun.

Our protagonists convened a meeting amongst themselves and Kul Burun, the Hiraki ambassador. Following the death of High Ambassador Thaelorn, Lyrian Lovac is now in charge of the High Council operation in the Nomadic Plains and Becket is now Lord Commander of the High Council forces (~850 troops).

For our protagonists, there is only one hope to unite the Nomadic Tribes; to recover the ancient banner of King Nakhar, the only king to unite the nomads, in a slave revolt against the Jhalli Empire which saw it crushed. To recover this banner, our protagonists journeyed to Shanak’Khaz, the ancient capital of the Jhalli empire, to the tomb of Nakhar himself.

Shanak’Khaz is probably one of the greatest and oldest fortresses ever, built by Morgh Khaz’s undead hordes, but it is abandoned, manned by legions of undead hostile to any who should enter through the city’s gates.

Our protagonists walked through the cold, silent streets to the tomb itself, but were assaulted by the wight defenders. Breaking down the massive door, the party stormed in and, after a long battle, killed the undead defenders and their Steel Golem, a mechanical abomination.

But now our adventurers must delve deeper into the tomb and find their treasure in the hope of uniting the Nomads against Kativa. Find out more next week.


Conned: Morgh Khaz (Jesse Stevens)

Damage Dealer: Lyrian Lovac (Matthew Davies)

Coolest Kill: Myra (Merlin Love) for her slaying of the Steel Golem

Most Awesome: Lyrian Lovac’s Cat (Matthew Davies)

Most Fragile: Morgh Khaz (Jesse Stevens) and Cobalt Crimsonhoof (Daniel Stevens)


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