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Chapter 4: Traps, Beasts and Rotting Men

For information on the previous session, see Recap.

Travelling deeper into the Tomb of Shanak’Khaz, our adventurers find themselves in a pitch black room. Upon causing Morgh Khaz’s crown to glow, the room is revealed to be a massive chamber with many great pillars. At the far end of the room is a mural, infront of which is a pedestal and a bowl. On the mural itself, is the mummified skull of King Troghu the Usurper, reanimated to laugh at everything and anything. On the bowl is written “Sacrifice”

Taking the skull for himself, Morgh Khaz attempts to sacrifice Lyrian Lovac to open the door. Cobalt Crimsonhoof, however, steps in an instead spills his own blood, which combined with food, weapons and a suspicious demon whip (possibly for use in BDSM), creates a horrific monster of blood magic which breaks down the mural to reveal a hidden passageway. Born of this blood magic is a giant lizard creature, known by some as a Death Slaad. The lizard creature, affectionately known as Predator, becomes Becket’s lifelong pet and companion, akin to a puppy…only with massive claws and a tendancy towards smashing.

Continuing through the passage, our party (Morgh Khaz in particular) manages to blunder into every single trap. Upon finally entering the final chamber, the party sees a sarcophagus and behind it, the banner of King Nakhar of the Nomads.

The banner appears to leak a strange magical energy which seems to be attracted to Morgh Khaz, breaking apart his rotting body. Suddenly, King Nakhar’s ghost appears and, with single minded determination, begins to destroy Morgh Khaz. It takes a flurry of swords, arrows, fire and a massive Slaad smash to bring down the ghost. But it is too little too late as Morgh Khaz’s body breaks apart. His soul, desperate to find another body, inhabits the magically preserved body of King Nakhar himself. Morgh Khaz rises again in his new, sleeker and sexier form to split a generous amount of treasure amongst the party.

What happens now? Having acquired the banner of King Nakhar…and a few other things of his, will our heroes be able to unite the nomads? Can Morgh adjust to his new body? Can Becket cope with the challenges of raising a Slaad? How does one go about raising a Slaad anyway? And how does Lyrian’s cat fit into all of this? Find out next week.


Coolest Kill – Cobalt Crimsonhoof (Daniel Stevens) for killing the ghost of King Nakhar

Damage Dealer – Lyrian Lovac (Matthew Davies)

Deaths – Lord Morgh Khaz (Jesse Stevens), felled by the magical enchantments of King Nakhar’s banner

Looter – Myra (Merlin Love)

Pet of the Day – Predator the Slaad, faithful companion to Becket (Gregory Thompson)

Taking one for the team – Cobalt Crimsonhoof (Daniel Stevens) 


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