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Chapter 5: God and King

For last week’s adventure, see Recap.

Having reclaimed the Banner of King Nakhar (and King Nakhar himself too), Morgh Khaz hosted a feast for all the Nomadic, Centaur and Orcish tribes. Before the feast could begin however, some matter of treason had to be dealt with.

Enter King Javyn of the Amyni, King Chikhu of the Kuzhe, King Ildor of the Mandu and King Jhute of the Mei. Morgh Khaz, as merciful as he was cruel, offered them two choices: submit or die.

King Jhute of the Mei refused, and with that Becket took off his head. The other kings looked about ready to submit, but Morgh Khaz, in a hurry to get the festivities started, started the feast and forgot about the rebels entirely. They slipped away.

The feast was rowdy, and the debates even rowdier, but a conclusion was made:

If Morgh Khaz can prove he is truly one with the God-King Nakhar, he will be proclaimed great King and God of the Nomads.


Biggest Idiot: Morgh Khaz (Jesse Stevens) for letting the rebel leaders get away

Executioner: Becket (Gregory Thompson) for his badass execution of King Jhute

Party Animal: Morgh Khaz (Jesse Stevens) for “enjoying” the things his new body has to offer…


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