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Chapter 6: Earning Trust

For last week’s adventure, see Recap.

After meeting, the Nomad Kings and Queens offered the following tasks to the protagonists. Should the tasks be completed, the respective leader will swear fealty to the completer of the task and to the cause of a United Horde.

  • Queen Khany of the Surt tribe wishes for a great beast to be slain and for her and her retinue to be feasted with it.
  • King Docha of the Taidj wishes for a settlement, any settlement, to be razed and burnt to the ground.
  • King Jambarr of the Qad wishes for a place, any place, to be conquered in the name of Shiude, the Qad god of territory and conquest.
  • King Toghra of the Oja wishes for a great sea beast to be slain and its head to be brought to him.
  • King Chagai of the Nevnu wishes to be brought the amulet of the Sunbear.
  • King Negu of the Guut wishes for the leper colony of Saelas Yanes to be cured.
  • King Chullay of the Banay wishes to be challenged and beaten in a race.
  • Queen Tuli of the Ung wishes for the blood of a seer.
  • King Att of the Bir wishes for the heads of 20 demons.
  • King Khosis of the Tepal (who replaced the treacherous demon king Amban and wishes now to make amends) wishes for a protagonist to become champion of the fight pits of Kahalak in Zakos.

On top of that, the Orcish Warchiefs offered these terms:

  • Warchief Fuul of the Shuul Mai will swear fealty to anybody who can beat him in combat.
  • Warchief Benz of the Gomff will swear fealty if an elf, centaur, man, dwarf, halfling, orc, giant, demon, cat, dog, undead and horse are sacrificed ritually to Gu’Herra, God of War.
  • Warchief Rono of the Blorri will swear fealty to whoever travels to the Orcish Homeland in Zenothar and sleep with the Great Bloodmother of the Orcs.

Given these tasks, the protagonists set to work immediately. Becket, fancying himself the greatest warrior to grace the world, challenged Warchief Fuul to single combat. The battle was long and fierce, with much blood lost, but Becket came out on top and, drinking the blood of Fuul, was initiated as Warchief of the Shuul Mai.

Lyrian, confident in her mastery of magyk, challenged Chullay to a race. Augmenting her speed and climbing abillity, Lyrian was able to stay neck and neck with Chullay. Fearing the worst, Lyrian pulled a finger to the laws of physics and flew her way into 1st place. Chullay deemed her superior and sweared fealty to her and promised himself to be present in the United Horde.

During this, Morgh Khaz was greeted by Julub Qohlaxo Julublub, a merchant king who offered to run Shanak’Khaz as grand vizier. After promising Becket an army and giving Cobalt his finest bow, Morgh Khaz had little choice but to accept.

Now the protagonists must travel through the deserts to the fabled city of Kahalak, to become champions of the Grand Arena or die trying.


Greatest Warrior: Becket (Gregory Thompson) for his slaying of Warchief Fuul

Cunning: Lyrian Lovac (Matthew Davies) for her winning of the race.


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