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Chapter 7: The Desert of a Thousand Souls

For last week’s adventure, see Recap.

Before setting off on a long, hard journey into the Desert of a Thousand Souls, Grand Vizier Julub Qohlaxo Julublub helped equip them on their journey.

The protagonists, in exchange for his kindness, must advertise the Merchant King and his wide range of goods across his merchant empire. They are to make sure everybody knows they are sponsored by Julub Qohlaxo Julublub himself. He gave them a Waykey, to let them, at any moment, travel back to Shanak’Khaz in the blink of an eye.

The Merchant King also offered the assistance of two men, to accompany the party on their way.

Enter Hogane

Hogane was born into the Seiryu Province of Huozai, far to the east of Tethyria. When he was young, he was trained in the ways of the Azure Dragon. He was tasked with the helping and protection of those in need. He travelled far to the west, across the seas to the Kingdom of Vilum, where he and his order (along with a mercenary group) were ambushed by werewolves. Hogane managed to kill the werewolves, but not before being bitten and transforming, soon killing his entire group in a frenzied bloodlust. When he returned to his normal state, he was too ashamed to return.

Travelling far and wide and having many adventures (including one involving a battle with a divine entity of death) Hogane eventually was employed by Julub Qohlaxo Julublub as a mercenary protector. Now, travelling with the protagonists, he aims to redeem himself.

Enter Damien

Damien was born to a unknown parents of Malarian descent. As an infant, he was sold to a mercenary company known simply as The Creed. He travelled the world as a mercenary, eventually hired on to Hogane’s mission, where he became close with the Paladin. Hogane instantly recognised him as one of Dragon’s Blood, known to the Huozai people as the Longyi.

After the incident with Hogane’s werewolf transformation, Damien slaughtered his mercenary group, thinking they had killed Hogane. Later, he travelled south to the city of Arumban to hone his innate dragon-related skills before meeting up with Hogane to help him with his quest. 

And so the party, now two men stronger, set off. For days they trekked through the plains, and then the deserts. After about 10 days of travel, a group of bandits, The Quldiri, led by Malik. The offered quite simple exchange: Their possessions for their lives. Morgh Khaz refused, and at that moment hundreds of arrows flew from every direction and he fell then; the only thing keeping him alive was his banner.

After a long, futile battle, the rest of the party met a similar fate. Eventually, they woke in the desert city-state of Dosh’Kai, centre of learning and science in the Desert Kingdoms of Zakos. They were tied up, about to be sold off as slaves.

Many of them desperately sought for an escape, some gave up and resigned themselves to their fate. Just then, a hail of arrows came from the rooftops, slaying the Quldiri bandits. Taking his chance, Becket grabbed Malik, his blade to his throat.

Enter Aelan

Aelan Merol is an Ulurian Elf, a vengeance of his tribe. It is his life to track down and kill tgose who wrong his tribe. One day, when he was off assassinating, his tribe was brutally massacred by an army of bandits. It is now his life task to slay each and every member of the bandit army, one of whom stood before him with Becket’s blade at his throat.

Aelan asked for them to release the bandit lord so he may kill him himself. Malik begged for his life and in exchange the service of the Quldiri. Aelan put forward that if Malik should not die, the party would.

With that in mind, Becket graciously allowed Aelan to slay Malik. Aelan offered his thanks, before disappearing altogether. The protagonists, wondering if they would ever meet the strange Aelan ever again, gathered their things and, with news of a strange white hill which radiated sunlight and housed a strange talking bear, set off once more.


Deaths: Everybody, slain by the Quldiri bandits

Most damage: Cobalt Crimsonhoof (Daniel Stevens) for getting the only kill in the battle

Most Useless: Morgh Khaz (Jesse Stevens) for dying straight away.


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