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Chapter 8: The Lost Tomb of Tsubek

For last week’s adventure, see Recap.

After many days of uneventful travel through the Desert of a Thousand Souls, our protagonists arrived at a lone white hill which seemed to glow and radiate as the sun. Guarding the hill were a group of stone giants and a host of mummies. To combat the threat, Morgh Khaz summoned a threesome of Celestial Bisons and Becket, as usual, sent in his slaad, Predator. With the foes quickly dispatched, the party entered through a giant stone door.

Inside they met a radiant golden bear. The bear was impressed with the party and offered up his amulet to Morgh Khaz, which he promptly sent back to Shanak’Khaz as proof of his meeting with the Sunbear, earning him the fealty of the Nevnu Nomads. The bear also offered everybody a host of rewards, imbuing them with knowledge, strength and the like. Leaving the hill, they met Aelan, who had heard of their adventure and wished to accompany them to Kahalak, where his next kill would be made.

Graciously accepting the help, the party continued, taking a shortcut through the Dunelands. Unfortunately, a few days in, a massive sandstorm struck and they were forced to take refuge in what appeared to be a cave. The cave soon turned out to be an ancient ruin, possibly dating back to before the Jhalli Empire. Moments later, the entrance collapsed and the party were forced to continue, deeper into history.

NB: At this point, Merlin takes over as GM. The following section is his adventure, designed and mastered by him alone.

Our protagonists found themselves on an ancient catwalk, looking down on a pitch black chamber. With some exploring, they found themselves ambushed by spiders. Although they were quickly dealt with, the attack set the scene for a truly horrific experience. Finding a way downstairs, the party was greeted by a massive chamber. In the centre was a relief of the old King Tsubek’s face while on each pillar was one of Tsubek’s wives.

Through hours of puzzle-solving involving gems, riddles, levers and an egg, our protagonists managed to open the carving to reveal the undead body of King Tsubek. After a gruelling battle, they defeated the king and the tomb began to collapse. With feats of agility and dumb-luck, our protagonists managed to escape through the entrance which opened up once more.

At this point, Tamlin takes over again as GM. Everything that follows is his adventure and Merlin resumes playing Myra.

Our party, undeterred, continued to Kahalak and the fight pits, their inventories brimming with stolen gold.


Puzzle Solver – Becket (Gregory Thompson) for his brilliant idea of smashing the egg to reveal another gem


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