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Chapter 9: The Fight Pits

For last week’s adventure, see Recap.

Finally, after months of travel, our protagonists had arrived at the capital of Zakos, Kahalak, home of the Fight Pits. The Fight Pits of Kahalak are unlike any other, for by magykal means the arena is never the same. This offers entertainment unlike any other.

Driven by promise of reward, our protagonists approached the Fight Pit’s organiser, who told them they could not compete without a manager. Undeterred, Morgh Khaz intimidated a local manager, Mahmud the Butcher, to manage the team, Mahmud, known as the butcher for sending team after team of gladiators to death, arranged for a room in the sprawling shanty town underneath the pits known as the Underpit. Sharing a cramped little room, our protagonists prepared for their very first fight.


The protagonists succesfully defeated the following:

Round 1

10 Genies in the Desert Arena

5 Driders in theSpider’s Lair Arena

4 Giant Octopuses in the Underwater Arena

1 Air Elemental and 1 Roc in the Cloud Arena

1 Lich and his pets in the ‘Bridge across the Chasm’ Arena

 Round 2

A Team of Laurentian Gladiators in the Sand Arena

A Tag Team of gladiators in the Sand Arena

A team of magykally produced copies of the Thunder from Down Under


A renowned warrior and his pet dragon. The dragon got away.


Badass: Morgh Khaz (Jesse Stevens) for summoning a giant killer whale to smoosh the last remaining enemy in the fight against the genies


Chapter 9: The Fight Pits


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